Student Council

The establishment of student councils plays a significant and integral function in the student community. Student councils provide a representative structure for students to discuss and launch projects that benefit the campus and community. Students have a stake in and can contribute to their college. Through the students council, they are given the opportunity to raise the issues that concern them and bring them to the attention of the college authorities. Through the student union, they are encouraged to contribute actively to the college’s goals and objectives.

A Student Council is a representative organisation through which college students can become active in the college’s activities, collaborating with management, staff, and students for the college’s and students’ benefit.

Representatives from all courses are elected to the FISAT students’ council. The council is actively involved in all college matters that are of concern to students. The students’ council assists students in developing leadership abilities and preparing them to take on challenges in their professional careers with confidence. An executive committee of the student council is established as per the statutes of APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University.


Mr. Sumesh G, Asst. Professor, Department of Science and Humanities 

Ms. Surya Natarajan, Asst Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Executive Committee of College Union

Post Name of member(s)
Chairperson Athik Jenu (S7 ME A)
Vice Chairperson Unnimaya C S (S7 EEE))
General Secretary Akshay C (S7 CE A)
Magazine Editor Anagha S (S7 CSE A)
Arts Club Secretary Kiran Jayaraman (S7 ECE B)
University Union Counsellor Bilal Ibrahim P A (S7 EIE)Ahamed Ajwed (S7 CSE)
Representatives from each year B.Tech Gautham Prasanth (S1 CSE A)Muhammed Shahin U (S3 ECE B)Vaishnav Sanil Kumar (S5 ME B)Mohamed Ramees (S7 CE B)
Representatives from each program M.Tech, MBA, MCA Liya Mary Denny (S3 SECM)Wilfred M Wilson (S1 MCA)Kiran Sathyan (S1 MBA)
Lady representative  Thejus Ajay (S7 ME B)Fareedah Mohammed (S3 MBA)Niveditha (S7 CE A)
Sports secretary Avin Roy (S7 ME A)
Patron cum treasurer (Principal) Dr. Jacob Thomas V
Staff advisor – staff in charge of student union Mr. Sumesh G, Ms Surya Natarajan