A very active Parent-Teacher Association, to establish and to promote an esprit de corps among the parents and teachers, is functioning in the college. 

The Parent-Teacher Association’s goals and objectives are as follows:

1. Foster and develop positive relationships among members of the teaching staff, students, and their parents or guardians.

2. To instil in members a strong desire to see the college function smoothly and to preserve good discipline and high academic standards.

3. Establish scholarships, prizes, medals, and other awards for students who excel in their studies.


As per the new statutes of KERALA Technological University, PTA executive committee as on 1st January 2024.
Sl No. Name of committee member Mob.number Name of student Branch/
1 Mr. Shimith P R, PATRON (Chairman, FISAT) 9995955569    
2 Dr. Jacob Thomas V,  President, PTA (Principal , FISAT) 9447525227    
3 Mr. Sreekanth J R, Vice President, PTA 9497933751 Devasurya J S S1 EI
4 Mr. Sachin Jacob Paul, Vice Chairman, FISAT 9744605767    
5 Mr. Jenib Kachappilly, Treasurer, FISAT 9946180819    
6 Mr. Raju M D, Secretary, PTA, Assistant Professor ME, FISAT 9605484638    
7 Ms. Sunanda T, Joint Secretary 9497682579 Nandana Manoj S1 CSD
8 Ms. Honeymol P Chacko, Treasurer, PTA, Assistant Professor, S&H, FISAT 9947289273    
9 Dr. Mini.P.R , Vice Principal, FISAT 9495949355    
10 Dr. Joshua A J, Director , MBA 9961775991    
11 Dr. Unni Kartha G, Dean Academics, FISAT 9846387772    
12 Dr. Bejoy Varghese, Placement Officer, FISAT 8921505846    
13 Dr. Santhosh Kottam, Staff- in Charge, Discipline 9446437774    
14 Mr. S. Sundararajan, Staff-in-charge, Gents Hostel 9846922914    
15 Ms. Rinu J Achison, Resident Warden, Ladies Hostel 9400338028    
16 Dr. Jose Varghese, MBA 9496419656    
17 Mr. Jawahar Saud S, Quality of water in Campus 9446519608    
18 Ms. Shoba Anil Kumar 9947147153 Aadithya Anil S3 EIE
19 Mr. Biju C S 9446764471 Rishikesh Biju S5 EIE
20 Mr. Byju P Varghese 9495812214 Dinil Byju S7 EIE
21 Mr. Biju TS 9744250373 Bijith T Biju S1 EEE
22 Mr. Jose Kallookkaran 9895701785 Nitin Jose S3 EEE
23 Mr. Wilson Thachil 9846035612 Jerry Wilson S5 EEE
24 Mr. K D Jacob 9846289590 Ajannya Jacob S7 EEE
25 Mr. A O Varghese 9048192211 Alwin Varghes S1 ME
26 Mr. Sabu Paul 9539346990 Ciril Sabu S3 ME
27 Mr. Jojo Paul 9496742425 George Jojo Parokkaran S5 ME
28 Mr. K Sreenivas 9447041472 Aparna S S7 ME
29 Mr. Jifri MS 8111852888 Rifjan Jivas S1 CE
30 Mr. Nandan B N 9847929673 Sahithya S3 CE
31 Mr. Sabu PM 9446953315 Hana.P.S. S5 CE
32 Mr. Rasheed 7559930667 Farhan Rasheed S7 CE
33 Mr. James K P 9744998880 Richarsd S S1 CSE
34 Mr. Shibu Jose 9495430650 Agnel Shibu S3 CSE
35 Mr. Binu Varghese 9745194261 Keerthy Binu S5 CSE
36 Mr. Sajeev A V 9495674496 Basil Sajeev S7 CSE
37 Mr. Zakeer PA 9946577577 Raihana Zakheer S1 CSD
38 Mr. Seena Thomachan 9388445530 Rohith Joju S3 CSD
39 Mr. Arif P A 9847166584 Minha Arif S1 ECE
40 Dr. Rafeeq A K 9847222400 Ghalib Ahammed Rafeeq,Rizwan Ahammed Rafeeq S3&S7 ECE
41 Ms. Rexy Baby 8547227317 Adheena Merin Babu S5 ECE
42 Ms. Mini Raju 7510381806 Aleena Raju S1 MBA
43 Mr. M V Jose 7025013818 Margeret Jose S3 MBA
44 Mr. Binu Mathews 8903655729 Nikita Sara Binu S1 EIE
45 Ms. Usha Haridas 9656293934 Nithin Das S1 MCA
46 Dr. Yeldo Jacob 9846023404 Anju Sara Eldo MBA
47 Mr. Madhulal Bhaskaran 9744796333 Mahalakshmi M.Tech