Rob OTTO, Germany, 2012 - 2016 batch

I completed Btech in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from FISAT, in the year 2016. FISAT is the best place from where you will get lot of opportunities to develop yourself. The department ensured that all the projects and mini projects were done in the college itself. This boosted the self-confidence of the students to tackle real world problems on their own. Currently, I’m doing Masters in Digital Engineering at Otto-von Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany. Also, I am working for team Rob OTTO (first runner up of Robocup WORLDCUP 2017).”

DBA, Allianz Technologies 2012 - 2016 batch

It is indeed a great honor for me to stand in front of the world as a graduate passed out from FISAT. Every person in this world will be having a dream. For me there were many and few among them were to be a graduate, to get a good job and all. In order to achieve our dream, definitely there will be a helping hand. For me it was my College campus or my faculties from Electronics and instrumentation department, who have taught, guided, scolded, pampered & helped me whenever I needed a support. Now I am part of a reputed company, Allianz technologies as a DBA. I could never have reached this milestone without the support and prayers from my beloved faculties. I know there are more to be achieved and I believe this support and care will always be there to help me proceed further.

Executive, Customer Support Division, Forbes Marshall. 2009 - 2013 batch

Forbes Marshall is a leader in process efficiency and energy conservation for Process Industry. FISAT is a place where you get lot of encouragements to showcase your talents and build up confidence to meet the corporate world. FISAT is the best place to start your professional life. The department has got all the sophisticated labs and facilities which are needed to meet the demands of the industry. Truly the department of Electronics and Instrumentation is the best in the state if you are looking for a strong career ahead

VVDN, Kochi ,2014-2018 Batch

While I was at FISAT perusing instrumentation everything felt normal and similar to other branches. There were tech fest where we were in total control and almost every decision we made were ours alone. I felt strange about that. But once I walked to my career I understood what I have learnt. We know something about all other branches. We were capable of making decisions by ourselves when others struggled about its how’s and why’s

‌Only thing I did and I want you to do is to be a yes man. It will make you struggle so much but will teach you much more

Assistant system engineer, TCS Batch: 2015 - 2019

FISAT has been the most enthralling journey of my life. It has been an institute which has helped me to nurture my skills as an engineer and grow in leaps and bounds. FISAT has given me the support and confidence to grow both personally and professionally. The faculty of EIE have been a great support with their tireless efforts in my upbringing as an engineer. The placement officer and the staff have been putting their best efforts to ensure that each and every student has a job in hand. During my college years I had the opportunity to become a part of student council and clubs like NSS (National service scheme).My department and my college has been like a family and I will always remember and cherish every moment of my life spent here.

Product Specialist, Byjus 2016-2020 batch

I did my degree in Electronics and Instrumentation from the batch of 2016- 2020. I was placed from campus in 4 different companies, including the core instrumentation field. My offers were from Sutherland (Tech Support Executive), XL Dynamics (Financial Analyst), BYJU’S (Product Specialist) and DRAWOUT (Electrical Engineer). I had always dreamt of being a mentor and was lucky enough to find a job of my taste. Currently, Right from the beginning at FISAT, I have been actively involved in exploring my potential. From reviving student chapters of Technical societies in college to managing my own team – I have come a long way in a short span of time with pearls of wisdom I gathered from my alma mater.

Graduation was just a certificate but a journey that made us capable of going that one extra mile can’t be summarized in few words, apart from lecture rooms, labs, or any international level infrastructure we could ask for, it has been a journey of a lifetime.

From being the Secretary and Electronics Chair of IEEE branch in FISAT to Student Topper of 2020 instrumentation Batch, it’s an immense pleasure to count myself as an alumni of FISAT.

LRDE, DRDO, Bangalore 2016-20 batch

The FISAT campus and all other facilities out there was excellent and commendable. FISAT offers a variety of opportunities for placements. My department provides us with the state of the art lab facilities and the faculties are well experienced and have sound knowledge on all fields of engineering. I have earned better knowledge from our beloved faculty of EIE branch.

Programmer Analyst, CTS 2016-20 batch

My four years at FISAT were excellent and a memory to treasure for a lifetime. The years spent here had been full of learning opportunities that prepared us to be better people to face the challenges of the world.

I am grateful to all the faculties of the Department of Electronics and Instrumentation who supported us and corrected us throughout my bachelor’s degree life. They have put in all the struggles to refine us and make us professionals. “Think Different”, is one thing that all the faculties of the Department of Electronics and Instrumentation succeeded in teaching us. Launching my career with an esteemed firm like Cognizant wasn’t short of a dream come true. I would love to devote a great part of my success to my teachers

VVDN Technologies Batch: 2014-2018

I am currently working in core electronics fields and the only reason that I got this opportunity is through FISAT. My department has stood as a platform for elevating me to the position where I am today. Rather than classroom knowledge I got a chance to explore the actual industrial environment which still holds in hand for all my endeavors. I have worked really hard under the department of Electronics and Instrumentation but the faculty here worked harder for me in achieving my passion. I’m privileged to be a part of the EIE family and I will always cherish those four years I have spent in FISAT. I am really proud to be part of the EIE community and an ex-FISATian

B.Tech EIE, 2015-2019

I am currently pursuing MS in Electrical
Engineering from The University of Texas at
Arlington, USA. Also, I am working as a Graduate
Teaching Assistant at my University.
It was a great journey at FISAT, four long years
gave me a lot of exposure and opportunities to
discover my hidden talents and excel in them. The
faculty of the EIE department were our true guides and well-wishers who
helped us understand and enjoy the course. The faculty also gave us all the
necessary support to complete our projects on our own and manage our skills
in any other field. Not only academic wise but campus placements are also good,
which I experienced by getting selected in the UST Global campus drive. The
amount of exposure I got during my time at FISAT is what gave me the
confidence to interact with clients and manage day-to-day activities in close
coordination with the Management and Team Members at work. Exposure to
a host of tech and innovation competitions at FISAT has inspired me to expand
my horizon of knowledge.
I am proud to be part of the ‘EIE family’ at FISAT. My learning at FISAT has
influenced me in ways that have crafted me to be the individual I am today. I am
grateful to the EIE faculty for being extremely supportive and providing me with
a plethora of opportunities to enhance and showcase my skills.

Instrumentation Engineer, SPETCO International petroleum, Kuwait Batch: 2010-2014

To get proper education means not just acquiring academic knowledge, it is a habit of learning throughout our life from our teachers, parents, family members and other people related to our life. The friendly environment, professional teachers and the systematic approach towards imparting education at FISAT made me a competent individual. Especially the department of Electronics and instrumentation helped me to pave my way in the core field of instrumentation.  The faculty are very kind and approachable who focus on student’s career goals with proper guidance in selecting the most suitable specialization based on one’s strengths and passion. FISAT played a major role in what I achieved in my career growth. The placement department provided a lot of support to find a place in the corporate world by organizing various personality development classes, guest lectures, Industry oriented training and bringing world class companies at campus placements. I would like to sincerely thank all the staff in FISAT who are still there and who are formerly working as well, for helping me to adjust to every situation

System Engineer, Qatar Batch 2009-2013

FISAT campus facilities was one of the best a college can offer in Kerala among private self-financing colleges. Our department staffs were co-operative and supportive during the entire course period. The core subjects and course structure helped me to improve the soft skills and core technical skills in my professional and personal career. Finally as an alumni of the college, I will always cherish to be a part of this standard educational organization in my entire life.

Project Engineer, Honeywell Automation India LW 2009-2013 Batch

Since the first moment I came to FISAT, I was met with lots of energy and enthusiasm. The teaching & non-teaching faculty of this institution is top rate. They all want their students to excel both academically and personally. My teachers of EIE department have helped me beyond words. FISAT has so many opportunities for the students, who DREAM BIG. This college always keeps the students as their first priority. You will not be let down. I really believe that it was a privilege to study in this collage and I am so glad to choose Electronics & Instrumentation as my trade

System engineer, Yokogawa India Limited. Batch: 2015 - 2019

FISAT was an excellent platform to study and excel in my professional lives. FISAT has given me the strength and confidence to rise both personally and professionally. To study in Electronics and instrumentation and pursue a career in the same domain was a dream to me in those days. The training, grooming, motivation and inspiration given throughout the academics by the EIE department helped me in pursuing excellence in education and becoming thorough professionals. The mentorship provided in a variety of contexts, and countless of other ways greatly & positively affected me and shaped & prepared me for the outside world. Regarding placement, our college has been performing great in the past many years. I owe gratitude to my department for enabling each one of us to believe in our capabilities. Looking back, I can certainly say that the EIE department at FISAT was the most important milestone in shaping my career. FISAT has been the most beautiful journey of my life where I wish to live once again.

Project Engineer, ISE-CCC, Jubail, Saudi Arabia 2016-20 batch

To grasp the transformation I underwent at FISAT, we
need to go to the beginning of 2016. I was just another
average student. I wasn’t even sure why I chose
engineering. I am sure a lot of you must have faced a
similar confusion after school. But choosing
engineering in FISAT is one of the best decisions I
have taken in my life. The 4 years spent here molded
me both as a professional and as a person. I’ve had
countless memories and made some amazing friends
as well. Speaking of our EIE Dept, it has given me plenty of opportunities to become
a well skilled engineer. We turned into a family within these 4 incredible years. One of
the strongest positive factors in our department is definitely the teachers. Their
immense effort and commitment to the students is something to appreciate. If I am
here right now, all the credit goes to the teachers for their support. All thanks to FISAT,
especially my department, I’m now ready to face the challenges ahead in life.

Systems Engineer, Infosys Batch 2015-2019

To study electronics and instrumentation and move into
an IT field was definitely difficult. But, I still remember the
support of my faculties who encouraged and motivated
me. I owe gratitude to my department for enabling each
one of us to believe in our capabilities. EIE department
has provided me roots to follow my dreams and passion
and I am exploring my potential in every sphere of life.

Academic Associate, Tutor Comp Infotech Pvt Ltd Batch 2015-2019

My experience in the Federal Institute of Science And
Technology was tremendous. The campus life was
completely active and jovial with a sociable
environment. The campus has a magnificent
infrastructure and the presence of nature has made the
college even more beautiful. I have many professors in
my department of Electronics and Instrumentation who have and is still inspiring my
best efforts and helping me through various obstacles of difficulties without any
hesitation. Apart from the academics, I was provided the scenarios to build a strong
Interpersonal and communication skills along with salient technical skills, which has
been efficacious throughout my career progression. The excellent facilities that the
college provides for skill development has always amazed me in the factor of
innovative approaches. Overall, I am proud to be a FISAT alumnus and all the faculties
have helped me shape my path of career and the person I am today.

TCS B.Tech EIE, 2015-2019

Having spent four years in this esteemed institution, I
have witnessed a tremendous change in my life may it
be on the academic front or even on a personal level.
The faculty has been a great support with their tireless
efforts in my upbringing as an engineer. They have
supported me not only in academics but also in extracurricular
activities. FISAT has one of the most
beautiful campuses with greenery around and
provides various facilities from a well-stocked library to well-equipped laboratories.
The placements in our college have always been great with the numerous aptitude
trainings given to students to help increase their chances of being placed. Having
been part of the placement cell, I had the opportunity to connect with the interviewers
and interviewees at various panels and this helped me in understanding the process
and assess how I can better articulate myself in order to get placed. The placement
cell of the college works tirelessly to provide the students with numerous
opportunities in the industry that allows them to step into the professional world
seamlessly. The campus, surrounded by beautiful greenery provides an ideal
platform for growth and improvement leading to the formation of bright young
individuals determined to make an impact in the coming future. FISAT has been like
a family and I will always remember and cherish every moment spent during campus