EIE Department Library


  • Each Department has a departmental library as a division of the central library.
  • A Staff member of the department’s teaching staff is given responsibility for the department library.
  • The Department library has a sufficient number of volumes on fundamental, applied, and technology awareness topics.
  • Issue registers and stock registers are kept apart and carefully maintained.
  • The central library makes purchases for the department library, and free copies from the publisher are also added to the stock.
  • The departmental library is open during college business hours.

Staff In Charge: Mrs. Honey Devassy, Asst.Professor, Dept of EIE.

Number of Books  254
Number of Volumes  280
Number of Project Reports  150
Number of Project CD’s  25
Number of Complementary Copies  
GATE Material  2
Number of Journals  1


E I E Department library stock. – Click here to access the Library Stock