Eldhose Peter
Senior Machine Learning Engineer, RPA LABS, USA,2013-17 Batch

“FISAT -A bundle of joy and memories to cherish for a lifetime. Those were the days when I was the taught lessons for life. I had the best faculties in the area of electronics and communication, which helped me to pursue my dreams. I will always be thankful to FISAT and would ever remain a pivotal milestone in my life.”

Jayadev Nair
Quality Engineer - Signal Processing & Communications, MathWorks, Boston, USA, 2010-2014 Batch

“The ECE Department, without a doubt, created the grounds for the success of my career so far. Having provided an abundance of resources and opportunities, the department was always on the mark when it came to ensuring that the students are always engaged, challenged, and motivated. The faculty had always gone to great lengths in not only providing a great in-class experience but also in incorporating relevant technology into our lab courses. I’m beyond grateful for all of the help that they have provided in those 4 years and after, and I can say for certain that it kickstarted my interests and helped mould my career into what it is today.”

Durga N Pai
Finance Intern TIER Mobility GmbH, Berlin, Germany, 2013-17 Batch

“As a FISAT alumnus, I can proudly say that FISAT has played a huge part in shaping my future and where I am today. FISAT not only focuses on academics but also on extracurricular activities which helps to bring out the hidden skills in you. During my four years in college, I learnt to be a good team player, a great leader and a good listener. The faculties are helpful and supportive throughout the course and even after.”

Abhiram D
Sr. Embedded software engineer, VVDN Technologies, 2013-2017 batch

“The college campus is amazing, and students have many opportunities to demonstrate their abilities in both technical and non-technical activities. The ECE department offered a solid theoretical base in engineering and hosted many Embedded Systems workshops. As a first career step as an embedded software engineer, this was highly beneficial. FISAT has been like a family to me, and l always remember and treasure the time I spent here.”

Jilu John
Hardware Engineer, Qualcomm, Hyderabad 2013-2017 Batch

“I believe that if the roots are strong, trees are surplus with the fruitfulness. The very moment happened to me when I joined this excellent campus for my Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Extraordinary faculties and the facilities given by the college yielded me the most precious academic life. The four years of B.tech was such a great experience that raised me as a Hardware Engineer in one of the leading multinational company, Qualcomm. I am delighted to remember this wonderful campus and my favourite teachers in my every achievement. Yes. I am proud to be a FISATian.”

Lakshmi Vijayan
8th rank in University for B.Tech ECE, TCS Digital, 2016-20 batch

“I consider myself very lucky for being part of the FISAT family. It is very difficult to recap the whole memories of the past four years in these few lines. But for sure, those four years have given me friends for life and the best teachers. The college has always tried to bring the changes to uplift the academic excellence of all students which makes it one of the best engineering institutions. I have been encouraged constantly, right from the beginning by my distinguished faculty of the ECE department. They always try the best of their efforts in imparting quality technical education and preparing us for the highly competitive world out there. Also, the placement department has made great efforts ensuring that the maximum number of students are placed in premium companies In a nutshell, these 4 years were a perfect concoction of knowledge, growth, humour and emotional intelligence. I would like to thank each and every soul in this institute for shaping us and special thanks to the ECE department for making my educational journey rich and enjoyable.”

Minnu Simon
2nd rank in University for B.Tech ECE, Assistant Systems Engineer, TCS, 2015-19 batch

“The ultimate success of a college depends on numerous factors like students, faculties, parents, infrastructure and management. I can proudly say that FISAT had a prudent blend and balance of all these factors. We had well-trained, experienced, dedicated faculties who were always ready to help, guide and motivate by all means. FISAT provided a wonderful environment wherein we could nurture all our potentials. We were provided with all facilities for developing communication, technical and all other required skills that are essential for a good personality and attitude. FISAT provided an environment with the most updated facilities. We had a dedicated HOD, hardworking faculties, and dedicated Project Mentor for our final year project in our Electronics and Communication Department that was the key for success and motivation. I would like to thank each and every one of them for their help and support. The central library of the college was the pride of academic infrastructure. The library was well equipped with a very wide collection of books. We had fully equipped labs, incubation centres, fab lab, computer centres, guiding lab staffs, which helped us a lot to provide practical knowledge in various aspects. The college always provided opportunities to indulge in various activities like arts fests, club activities and many more. Placement Cell and placement training of our college are highly outstanding. Above all FISAT helps to mould out best professionals along with a commitment to society and its responsibilities.”

Vivek Kanissery
Beacon Platform Inc., Senior Platform Engineer, New York, USA MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, 2010-2014 batch

“FISAT provided me with a well-rounded college experience that ensured that my academic, technical and interpersonal skills were primed for the industry. The faculty is extremely passionate and went beyond their call of duty to support and nurture their students. I was part of several technical and non-technical organizations on the campus that led to several cherished memories of team building, mentorship and learning. Alongside the regular coursework, I was part of a research team that helped me explore other disciplines of Engineering while working on fun and complex projects. This exposure cultivated confidence in my technical problem-solving ability that has proven to be vital in subsequent stages of my career.”

Meghana K M
MTech (VLSI & Embedded Systems) at Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune

“Finding the right path to success at the right time is really very important and FISAT successfully accomplishes its promises and objectives in providing quality education and overall development of all its students. The friendly environment, the systematic approach towards imparting education at FISAT made me a competent individual. The wide range of activities both curricular and extracurricular organized by students along with the strong support of management and faculties gave us opportunities to learn and develop social skills as well.”

Fyna Francis
UST Global,Associate Software Developer

“College life is valuable with memories when you believe that you loved those days”. I had a splendid experience as a student at the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at FISAT. The Electronics and Communication Engineering is a branch with diversified areas, which gives all kinds of prospect in the career path of a student.  All our teachers are extremely knowledgeable, and they’re always eager to help us in our times of need. The college has provided us with essential skills that are required in the corporate to excel. I was able to achieve the utmost cooperation and motivation from my ECE department and placement cell. At FISAT, I developed an array of qualities that are imperative to be a successful professional Engineer. The time I spent here had an astonishing influence on my personality. Excellent learning environment, good faculty members, high class facilities, open culture, supportive staff and a healthy milieu fostering individual growth make FISAT an ideal place to be at and learn. I am sure you are going to experience the best four years of your life at FISAT.”

Nanda K R
Engineer, TCS, (ECE 2017 - 2021 B Batch)

“As a student of Electronics and Communication department, I was able to develop not only as a student but also as a person.Being around amazing faculties of my department made every difficult step easier.They were true mentors who stood alongside us in shaping ourcareer. Whenever we stumbled, we went to our group advisors who always heard us and helped us out.As a member of various student organizations in college, I got immense support from my department in participating and volunteering for different events. For anybody who aspired to be innovative and grow, ECHO was the best initiative put forward by ECE department.I enjoyed mytime being in the ECE department with my classmates and beloved teachers which I would cherish forever.”

Devika S
Salesforce Developer,Community America Credit Union, Best outgoing student (ECE 2017 - 2021 A Batch)

“Since 2017, FISAT has been an art for me. An art that made the best out for me. FISAT molded me into a brave girl from a weak girl.When I look back into 2017 and 2021 , now I see me as a better human filled with richness in personality , character and in academics.The teachers and staffs have always been supportive for bringing up the students .Also the extra curricular activities made me into a strong fearless character .FISAT had given me equal opportunities in academics and non academics.I have been able to successfully manage my co curricular activities along with academics.All I’m now is because of FISAT. I’m always grateful to the management and staff for making me better. Thank you so much for everything FISAT has provided me and I’m sure everyone else has experienced the same kind in college.”