Smobin Vincent
MechFisat 2011-15 batch, PhD Researcher, Department of Energy Conservation and Storage, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

One of the important aspects of undergraduate education is to guide students’ thought processes in the right direction. My undergraduate study in the mechanical engineering department at FISAT pushed me in the right direction, which got me where I am today. The distinguished faculty team and excellent infrastructure provide the ideal ecosystem to help students evolve in all directions and pursue their dreams. I consider it an honor to be an alumnus of this amazing institution which taught me self-discipline, confidence, and problem-solving skills that were vital to my career.

Shyam Pulickan
Mech FISAT 2014-18,Researcher Laboratory of Mechanical & Material Engineering (LASMIS) France

It would be my pleasure to introduce myself as a proud alumnus of the Mechanical Dept. because, that is the feeling the department has given me through its faculty, students and community. The fact that I can even find someone whom I have never met through the department community shows how big and connected the Alumni of the dept is. Needless to say there is always someone to help or guide you might you need someone, let it be the alumni or a faculty. The vast number of activities and clubs which function within the dept are definitely a perfect breeding ground for any student who wishes to transform themselves into an engineer. The dept has always shown its passion to motivate and aid students in any field that they like to pursue, if possible, is definitely a reason why, I have become who I am today.

Sanjay Sanil
Mech FISAT 2010-14,Senior Section Engineer South Western Railway

I consider my stint as a  mechanical engineering student in FISAT, as a pivotal point in my life. It not only gave me a  foundation in subjects but also presented opportunities to go beyond the curriculum and gain valuable experiences that later proved beneficial in my life.The whole mechanical engineering department was one family with a spirit of advancement, togetherness and collective pride within.The guidance, support and motivation we received from the faculty during the course and after is truly invaluable.

Sujith S
Mech FISAT 2010-14,Lead Engineer - Materials Application Engineer, GE Aviation

Delivering to a global crowd, I hold great pride being an alumni of FISAT Mechanical Engineering department. It’s a true thing that if the foundation is strong, the building stays strong. Clearly FISAT was the first right step towards a dreamy career. I hold  5+ years of experience in material testing in the field of gas turbines and jet engines. Currently working as a Material Application Engineer in GE Aviation Bangalore. Happy to have been a part of this esteemed college.

Georgy Joseph Thomas
Mech FISAT 2014 - 2018,Assistant Manager, Maruti Suzuki - Engineering R&D Vertical, Gurgaon

“The Mechanical Engineering Dept. at FISAT played a huge role in what I am today and helped me develop into an engineer as well as a better individual. All our professors were always supportive and helpful. They provided us the environment to pursue excellence not just in academics but also our passions and other extra-curricular activities.
I thank the Mech Dept. and the authorities at FISAT for helping me realise my ambition.”

Nikhil Mohanan
MechFisat 2011-15,PhD student, Laboratoire de Mécanique des Solides Ecole Polytechnique, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France

It gives me immense pleasure to write a testimonial for the Department of Mechanical Engineering (DME) at the Federal Institute of Science and Technology. Much of the faculty at DME understands and tends to the needs of the students, both in terms of advising on personal and professional levels.

During my time, although experimental research was in its infancy, the research using computational methods in mechanics was quite well established. In addition to the Computational research lab, the CHPC and CCF provide a good level of computational resources to run some of the complex problems at the level.

Student organizations at DME, such as SAME and AMSE provide a launch pad for undergrads and grads alike, to jump right into state-of-the-art of research across the world. Interdisciplinary groups and projects are encouraged by the department and a good amount of support is provided by the faculty in this direction as well.

The industrial visits and seminars by experts in the field provide good exposure to understanding how the industries work and an ability to be in touch with the professionals for opportunities after graduation. And lastly, the entrepreneurship and incubation center at the school also helps the students to sell their idea to be successful in what they love to do.

In my humble opinion, students who dream to go higher can always use the facilities and opportunities in DME, FISAT to launch themselves to unimaginable heights, provided they grab the opportunities and stay motivated. Personally, it had given me the push to pursue higher and reach where I am now.