Mentoring System

A healthy mentoring system exists in the department. Three faculty mentors are assigned for each B.Tech class of sixty students and one faculty mentor for the M.Tech class of 24 Students. Number of students per mentor is approximately 20.

The following faculty members are assigned as mentors for the students during the academic year 2023-24 in the Department of Civil Engineering.

BTech 2020 Admission

CE | Beena B R, Anna Rose Varghese, Sreerath S

BTech 2021 Admission

CEA | Reshma Prasad, Anu Roy, Abin Thomas CA

CEB | Rinu J Achison, Panjami K , Abhijith R

BTech  2022 Admission

CEA | Preethi M, Abhiya Abbas Mundol

CEB | Keerthi Sabu , Sowmya V Krishnankutty

BTech  2023 Admission

CEA | Neeraja Nair, Sharon Jacob, Eldhose P Jacob

CEB | Jawahar Saud S, Nincy Jose, Dr. Ayswarya E P

SECM  2022 Admission | Dr. Kavitha P E

SECM  2023 Admission | Dr. Asha Joseph