Sofiya Francis
Worked as cost auditor for 2 years at Sobha builders and 1.5 years in MD Esthappan infrastructure as site engineer

The Civil Engineering program at FISAT has been a unique and rewarding experience. From the moment you start classes, the professors waste no time in indulging you in the challenging yet interesting curriculum, which consists of a combination of well-developed courses.

I found that, the further I progressed in my studies, everything began to come together and I could see how much I had truly learned since my first day. The Civil Engineering program even helped to provide me with field experience, so I could obtain some exposure to the nature of the outside environment. I am grateful for FISAT, for its thorough curriculum and diligent educators.

Neetha Ittera
Master of Science - MS in Water resources and environmental management from Leibniz Universität, Hannover

It will always be a pleasure to count myself among the FISAT AlumniI. The Department of Civil Engineering with its excellent faculty and infrastructure moulded me into the civil engineer I am today. A group of cordial and competent teachers together with an extensive library helped me excel in my academics. Moreover, multiple Industrial visits, competitions and conferences organised through ACE made sure that learning was not limited to books. Most of all, thanks to the placement cell that helped me begin my career right away

Susan Eldhose
PhD Scholar, IIT Madras

My 4 years in the BTech program at FISAT were among the best years of my life. I am thankful to all the passionate teachers for sharing their knowledge and wisdom. I owe to each one of them for their unconditional support and guidance which they continue even today. Our college campus is one of the most beautiful campuses with ample amount of greenery and good infrastructure and well equipped laboratories. Also, I was lucky enough to have a bunch of best friends for the rest of my life.

Athira R Thilakan
SDET-Test Specialist, IBM India Pvt LMD, Bangalore

Words fall short for me when it’s about FISAT. I have really enjoyed my 4 years in the college and am so thankful to all my amazing faculty members in the Civil engineering department for their immense support and guidance throughout the years. I was placed into IBM through the campus placement from FISAT and was skeptical about joining a software company post graduation in Civil Engineering. When I look back today, IBM is one of the best things that has happened in my life and it’s the wonderful placement cell team in FISAT who helped me to get through the recruitment. I am so grateful to FISAT and especially the civil engineering department and placement team for what I am today.

Arya E. K (B.Tech 2012-2016)
Doctoral Research Scholar,Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kottayam.

FISAT is a place I cherish a lot. It is the positive vibe of the campus and the support and guidance of each faculty member that keeps me connected to FISAT even after graduation. Teachers, especially in the Department of Civil Engineering, serve as mentors for life. The Department hosts several national and international conferences, seminars, and workshops that provide students with valuable learning opportunities. Along with academics, the teachers encourage students to engage in co-curricular programs offered on campus. I consider it my luck and fortune to be a part of FISAT and my four years at campus have been a wonderful experience.

Stan Jacob Thomas (BTech 2013-2017)
Project Coordinator at EllisDon Corporation, Vancouver, Canada

“Among the things that made my 4 years at college memorable, the amazing professors I had deserves a mention. Hard to point out a single person, but each one of them were impeccable in their skills to teach each one of us. What started as a professional relationship, ended up being a family at the end of 4 years. If you prefer a quality education with a solid background in Civil Engineering, you are at the right place. Trust me when I say this, what you learn in school will show up in your workplace in one form or the other, in whichever country you are. After all, principles of engineering remain the same.

Ebin Thomas (BTech 2013-2017)
Manager, Union Bank of India

Reminiscing through the leaflets of my BTech  memories in FISAT, I can proudly say that it was ‘the best of times.’ The academic experience  in FISAT with a world class  infrastructure  and expert faculty  endowed me with a lifelong career excellence. The college is indeed a home to me, as it  kindled my potential  and helped me to excel as a student. Like a well built house with a good foundation, Civil department helped me to become the person I am by laying the foundation stone of  education  along with overall development as a person. The college  is the north pole star that will guide you and enable you to embellish  your  abilities  when you are stranded in the competitive  world. The memories  will always remain evergreen within me.

Thank you FISAT.

Anjana K A (BTech 2013-17)
Jr. Structural Engineer - S&O Maritime Services

The best part of being a FISATIAN is that we were never trained to be an engineer rather we grew better each day as an engineer. The freedom and guidance from the faculty members of Civil Engineering at FISAT gave me a chance to develop various skills both professionally and personally.  It was a great journey at FISAT. Four long years gave me a lot of exposure and opportunities, which helped bring out the best in me. I am proud to be a part of this esteemed institution

Aakash K Sambasivan (BTech 2013-2017)
Structural Engineer At Yongnam

For me FISAT is one of the best part of my life!!.. with millions of cherishing memories and moments. The place where I learnt important life skills. FISAT is always remembered with heartful faculties and  friends.

Athira T (B.Tech 2013-17)

FISAT is a great college due to the infrastructure and support of faculty members. Infrastructure is wide and well maintained, Labs are provided with best facilities. Hostels are good and neat. The most attractive part of the campus is the central library which is well stocked and furnished with many systems so that many students can avail at the same time. Many reputed companies visit our campus to offer placements. The teachers are well trained and well equipped to teach the students and make them understand the topics of every subject. Civil engineering department provided full support during my entire college life. Many inter-college and intra-college fests are conducted in the campus where students get the opportunity to actively participate and host the events. It was a wonderful experience of four years for me at FISAT.

Sinchan Dutta (B.Tech 2019-23)
Graduate Engineering Trainee RDC Concrete Pvt. Ltd

The experience I had with the department was commendable and I am greatful for it. It made me what I am today a successful working professional in a reputed core company.
Moreover, multiple competition and conference and our department’s prestigious conference SECON gave me a proper exposure about the industrial scenario. And most of all thanks to placement cell for providing me chance to kick start the career in the right way.

Gokul Ajith (B.Tech 2019-2023)
Graduate Engineer Trainee, ASTRAL Adhesives Construction chemicals division

College is everyone’s golden time, and my time in FISAT was no different. The stage was set for ensuring an overall development. I was hence able to fine tune different aspects in life to be ready for the outer world. Over the 4 precious years in college, got a bunch of valuable friends, teachers and moreover a campus that stood out from most of the self financing colleges in Kerala. Department of civil engineering gave me a stage for leadership, realizations, patience, valuable life lessons and moreover a decent job. These 4 years will never fade, immortal and grateful till the end.

Haleema Nusrin O N (B.Tech-2019 – 2023)
Assistant system engineer trainee,TCS

I am extremely glad to say that I am a part of this family as a FISAT alum. The influence of the FISAT and Civil department to mold me into the person I am today. The opportunities to make students become effective when they are encouraged to be assertive and actively participate in all of their sessions. Through its programs, ASCE student chapter in which I belonged to, makes us direction to be a suitable fit for society. Through conferences, industrial visits, internships, and extracurricular activities like social outreach, I was able to flourish both in my academic and extracurricular pursuits. I became who I am now thanks in part to the placements they offer. I’m thrilled to be a part of this institute.

MERIN BABU(B.Tech 2015-2019)
Associate Engineer - TechnipFMC

My life at FISAT(2015 -2019) was undeniably a very beautiful part. It has played a pivotal role in shaping my personality as well as my successful career start. The time I spent here,the knowledge I gained and the connections I made have proven to be priceless.The guidance and moral support of my teachers in B.Tech life were exceptional. They not only imparted knowledge but also made it a point to carve out the best version of ourselves. The practical skills I acquired through hands on projects and internships prepared me well for my career. Also really blessed to have made lifelong friends and precious memories.