The department of Civil Engineering has Eight state-of-the-art labs with modern equipments. The labs are well maintained and is designed to meet more than the requirments of the curriculum of the University. The labs are fully utilised by the students in undertaking UG design projects, main projects and PG Research Projects. All equipments are periodically calibrated and also caters to the research and consultancy works of the department.

Civil Engineering Workshop


Students of First and Second Semester will be practicing their lab session in civil engineering workshop. Students will be familiarized with the basic civil engineering concepts. Following are the list of equipment available in the civil engineering workshop.

• Dumpy level with tripod

• Levelling Staff

• Cross Staff

• Distomat

• Metric Chain

• Theodolite

• Vernier Caliper

• Screw Gauge (micrometer)

Faculty In Charge: Ms. Reshma Prasad

Lab in Charge: Mr. Jaison Joseph

Surveying Lab


Students of the second year of B.Tech will be practicing their lab session in surveying laboratory. There are instruments and tools available to conduct hands-on learning and practical applications of surveying techniques. A list of the instruments available in the surveying laboratory can be found below.

• Automatic Level

• Box Sextant

• Brunton Compass

• Cylon Ghat Tracer

• Digital Level

• Digital Total Station

• Distomat

• Dumpy Level

• Electronic Theodolite

• Handheld GPS

• Land Measuring Chain And Cross Staff

• Pantograph

• Plane Table

• Planimeter

• Prismatic Compass

• Tangent Clinometer

• Transit Vernier

Faculty In Charge: Ms. Abhiya Abbas Mundol

Lab in Charge: Ms.Sophy Thomas

Room number of lab: MLB207

Material Testing Lab I




Faculty In Charge: Ms. Rinu J Achison

Lab in Charge: Mr. Pauly P K

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

Faculty In Charge: Ms. Rajalakshmi TR

Lab in Charge: Mrs. Surelamani

Material Testing Lab II


Faculty In Charge: Mr. Abhijith R

Lab in Charge: Mr. Pauly P K

Transportation Engineering Lab

Faculty In Charge: Ms. Summaya Naznin

Lab in Charge: Mrs. Sophy Thomas

Environmental Engineering Lab


Faculty In Charge: Mr. Jawahar Saud S

Lab in Charge: Mrs. Surelamani

Advanced Computing Lab


Faculty In Charge: Dr. Asha Joseph

Project Lab

Project Lab aims at nurturing research aptitude among students/staff and facilitating the students with the innovative project outputs of the department. The lab works under the “Centre for Research and Development in Civil Engineering” (CARD). Presently there are eight instruments/apparatus available at the project lab, which are developed by the students/staff of the department. They can be utilized by the students/staff for the research work.

Name of the Equipment Stream Contributing Project Guide Year
Shake Table Structural Engineering Dr. Unni Kartha G 2015
Data Acquisition System Structural Engineering Dr. Unni Kartha G 2015
Rotating Biological Contactor Environmental Engineering Mr. Jawahar Saud S 2016
Shear Apparatus Structural Engineering Mr. Abin Thomas 2017
Pinhole Apparatus Geotechnical Engineering Ms. Keerthi Sabu 2019
Column Chromatography Setup Environmental Engineering Mr. Jawahar Saud S 2019
Realtime PM10 Sensor Environmental Engineering Mr. Jawahar Saud S 2019
Plastic Shrinkage Apparatus Concrete Technology Mr. Abin Thomas 2020
Water Magnetizing Apparatus Concrete Technology Dr. Kavitha P E 2020

Faculty In-charge: Dr. Kavitha P E

Technical Staff: Mr. Pauly P K

Model Room

Model room setup in the Civil Engineering Department is a dedicated space equipped with scaled-down physical representations that facilitate hands-on learning, and visualization of various civil engineering concepts and projects. This aims to foster a deeper understanding of complex engineering principles and helps bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application within the field of civil engineering.

Faculty In-charge: Mr. Abhijith R