Code of Conduct - Administrators
  1. Administrators shall provide effective academic and administrative leadership to the institution.
  2. The college administrators shall make all efforts towards the institution’s development and for maintaining an ambiance suitable for providing holistic development to the students.
  3. Administrators shall ensure adherence to statutes, ordinances, and provisions regulating the institution, including regulations by Statutory bodies, such as AICTE, as well as regulations laid out by the State government and affiliating university.
  4. The administrators shall ensure the well-being of the staff and students and take responsible action to protect students and staff from harmful and unsafe conditions
  5. Administrators shall ensure that institutional practices promote decentralization and participative management
  6. Administratorsshalleffectivelystrategize mobilization and utilization of funds and maintain financial transparency
  7. The administrators shall ensure effective implementation of e-governance in all areas of administration
  8. Administrators shall serve the institution with loyalty and integrity
  9. Administrators shall respect the rights of their co-workers, other employees, and students while carrying out their duties
  10. Administrators shall ensure that non-discriminatory practices are followed in the institution