Quality Policy

The Federal Institute of Science and Technology, founded with the motto “Focus on Excellence” and the goal of becoming a world-class institute that strives to be a cutting-edge learning and research centre, places a premium on excellence in all of its academic and administrative endeavors. The fully functional Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the institution works on a regular basis to instill a quality culture in the institution, as well as to improve and maintain quality. The college strives to give students a holistic education.

The IQAC quality policy of FISAT ensures that: 

  • There are rules and processes in place to ensure quality in all aspects of the academic and administrative operations of the institution.
  • The institute’s teaching, learning, and evaluation processes are monitored to ensure compliance with institute regulations and achievement of the institute’s vision of transforming students into globally competent, socially committed, and ethically driven professionals capable of excelling in industry, entrepreneurship, and society.
  • Teaching and non-teaching personnel are qualified and competent to perform the tasks assigned to them.
  • Students have access to all resources required for their holistic development
  • Internal and external audits are conducted on a regular basis to ensure quality improvement and maintenance.
  • Systems are in place to collect and use feedback from all stakeholders to enhance   quality.
Quality Initiatives

The quality initiatives of IQAC include

  • IQAC Annual Planning
  • Academic and Administrative Audits 
  • Preparation of institutional reports – AQAR, Annual institutional and IQAC reports
  • Preparation of college calendar and handbook
  • Faculty quality enhancement initiatives
  • Quality enhancement programs for non teaching staff
  • Activities to promote research, innovation and publications
  • Participation in national rankings
  • Faculty evaluation by students
  • Performance appraisal of teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Student performance rewards
  • Extension and outreach activities
  • Conduct of internal and external audits
  • Preparation for NBA and NAAC accreditations
  • Preparation of college and department newsletters
  • Project exhibitions