Code of Conduct – Students

The Code of Conduct of the Federal Institute of Science and Technology (FISAT) provides a framework for students to embrace the values and principles of FISAT with the highest level of integrity.

  1. Students should come to College neatly and decently dressed in their uniforms. Boys should have proper haircuts.
  2. Students coming late shall enter the class only with the permission of the teacher.
  3. Students must obtain prior written permission from the Principal before organising any function or collecting funds for any reason.
  4. No student may represent a club or association without first obtaining permission from the Principal.
  5. Use of alcohol, smoking and chewing are prohibited on campus.
  6. Ragging is not tolerated in any form. Students who are found guilty will face significant consequences.
  7. Inside the campus, students should refrain from participating in any political party activities or communal politics.
  8. All students must adhere to the college’s dress code in their laboratories, workshops, and classrooms.
  9. Students should attend lecture classes, submit assignments, records, homework etc. in time.
  10. Before taking leave, students should address their leave application to the Principal/HoD and submit it to their mentor.
  11. Any act of indiscipline that poses a major threat to campus discipline will be severely dealt with.
  12. During class hours, the use of cell phones is strictly prohibited.
  13.  Students bringing any vehicle to the college should submit a copy of the registration certificate and driving license and get permission from the Administrative Officer.