Code of Conduct – Staff

The following are some of the essentials of conduct expected from the members of staff/faculty of the institution.

Members of Staff/Faculty shall:

  1. Be punctual in attending duties and continue to enhance the quality of work/performance
  2. Engage classes both theory and practical punctually and effectively
  3. Promote and practice all good healthy practices for the well-being of the Institute
  4. Impart Outcome Based Education to the fullest possible extent
  5. Correct assignments and laboratory records of students systematically and on time
  6. Be meticulous in submitting the question and marks of tests,
  7. Organize guest/expert lectures with academic /industry professionals
  8. Carry out continuous Assessment and Evaluation of students’ performance
  9. Attend internal and external invigilation, observer’s duty meticulously as and when directed
  10. Attend Faculty Development Programmes, guest lectures, workshops, industrial visits etc.
  11. Monitor students’ academic performance and mentoring through the mentoring  System
  12. Encourage and develop interpersonal relationship competency
  13. Strive to enhance team work and  team efficiency skills
  14. Author/co-author academic books with other professionals
  15. Involve in Research, Consultancy and Extension activities,
  16. Publish papers in seminars/ conferences / conventions/ journals/magazines
  17. Maintain absolute integrity  and devotion to  duty.
  18. Make use the resources e-materials from digital library, authorized online journals and legitimate sites so as to improve the   quality of teaching
  19. Prepare soft/hard copy course files, delivery sheets web materials
  20. Abide by the rules and regulations of the Institute and be role models to others
  21. Promote decency, decorum, dignity discipline among other Staff and students
  22. Cooperate and participate in all the activities of the Institute.
  23. Develop sense ownership and belongingness with  the Institute.


The following are some of the activities in which the Members of Staff/Faculty shall NOT participate/indulge:

  1. Adopt/show any form negligence while on duty
  2. Engage in Share Trading any other such activities the campus of the institute
  3. Use the Computer Systems, Internet facilities, etc. of the Institute for purposes and/or activities which are not permissible in the campus of the Institute.
  4. Propagation of political religious, communal, anti-social, terrorist activities
  5. Discrimination of any type
  6. Involve/encourage in any form of malpractice during the course of discharging the duties and responsibilities
  7. Agree to, promote or encourage any type of wrong practices during examinations,
  8. Leaving the campus without permission of the authorities, before the stipulated day end time.
  9. Undertake private assignments whether remunerative or not
  10. Enter into any financial transactions with any stake holder of the Institute
  11. Cause damage to the Institute or stakeholder’s property in any form.
  12. Involving in immoral practices or encouraging or cooperating in such practices, in any manner
  13. Passing comments that invokes religious, regional, personal, racial and cultural sentiments
  14. Any act which is detrimental to the interest of the Institute.