Deployment of Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan – Deployment Status as on December 2021

Goal 1: Get accredited by statutory bodies and become an autonomous institution by 2024

  • As per the plans for accreditation formulated by the top management and institute leaders, outcome based education was fully implemented from 2018 onwards.
  • The B Tech programs in Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering were successfully accredited by theNational Board of Accreditation in 2020.
  • The preparations for cycle 2 accreditation by NAAC which was delayed due to the pandemic is in progress.
  • NBA accreditation for the B Tech program in Civil engineering, Master of Computer Applications program and the Master of Business Administration program are planned for 2022 and preparations for the same are in progress.


S.No Strategy Action Plan Responsibility Timeline for implementation Action Taken as on December 2021
1 NBA accreditation for 5 programs Introduce Outcome Based Education Principal By 2017 OBE is followed from 2018 onwards
Identify the 5 programs for NBA accreditation in 2019 Principal 2018 B Tech in CSE, EEE, ECE, EIE and ME chosen
Prepare and apply for NBA accreditation HoD 2019 5 programs successfully accredited in 2020
2 NAAC Reaccreditation Prepare and apply for NAAC reaccreditation IQAC Coordinator 2021 Preparation in progress
3 NBA accreditation for all programs Prepare and apply for NBA accreditation for all programs HoD 2023 B Tech CE, MCA, MBA programs identified for accreditation and preparations in progress
4 Autonomous status for the institution Prepare and apply for autonomy status Principal 2024 Will be evaluated after the NAAC cycle 2 accreditation


Goal 2: Become a centre of excellence in teaching and learning by 2025 and centre of excellence in research by 2030 and a technology hub by 2030

  • The management of FISAT visualizes the institution to become a centre of excellence in teaching, learning and research.
  • The institution has been promoting faculty members to attend professional development programmes such as Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Training etc and has been extending financial support for the same.
  • To improve the visibility of the institution, students and faculty members are encouraged to conduct/participate in activities and competitions in the state and national level.
  • Fee concessions to deserving students help attract good quality students
  • The institution has installed ICT facilities in all classrooms. Wifi facility, e-resources, online learning management systemprovide advanced learning resources for the students.
  • Various programs for student enrichment like personality development, soft skill training, placement training, add on courses etc are conducted every year. This has helped the institution to consistently achieve good placement
  • A College research cell has been set up which coordinates applications for grants and funds from government and other agencies
  • The institution has set up a Fablab, mobile Fablab and an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell for encouraging better industry institute partnership and participation in innovationbased activities.
  • Incubation centre has been setup.
  • Skill development courses are offered to students.
  • The number of faculty members doing PhD has increased over the years as well the number of publications by faculty members.
  • The institution has set up research centres and the number of faculty members registering as research guides has increased over the years.


S.No Strategy Action Plan Responsibility Timeline for implementation Action taken

as on December 2021

1 Professional development opportunities for faculty Organize/

participate in FDPs, Seminars, Workshops etc

HoD 1 year Faculty members and staff members are given amplesupport for attending programs for professional development
2 Improving student enrolment Higher visibility for the institution, scholarship/fee concessions for deserving students Principal 1 year Brand name of institution made more visible by participation in state and national level programs and competitions.

Fee concession for deserving students has also helped in improving student enrolment

3 Improving the teaching learning system Strengthen ICT enabled teaching

More learning resources for students

HoD 1 year All classrooms are ICT enabled

E-resources available for faculty and students

Online Learning Management system available

4 Promoting student enrichment Arrange programs for personality development, skill development, value addition, placement training Principal 1 year Add on courses offered to students

Personality development programs and placement training have helped to attain a high level of placement

5 Promote excellence in research Form a research cell Principal 1 year College research Cell is formed to promote publications by faculty and students. It also coordinates the research activities like application for grants/funds from Govt and other agencies
6 Improve innovation and industry institute interaction Set up a mini fabrication laboratory, innovation and entrepreneurship development cell, incubation centre, skill development courses Principal 2 years Fab lab and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development cell set up and coordinates innovation activities

Incubation centre set up

Courses for skill development offered to students



7 Encourage publications in reputed journals by more faculty members


At least 10 percent increase per year in the number of faculty publications HoD 1 year The number of publications by faculty has steadily increased
8 Encourage more faculty members to do PhD


10% increase per year in the number of faculty registering for PhD HoD 1 year Number of faculty members doing PhD has steadily increased
9 Encourage more faculty to become research guides


5% increase in the number of faculty becoming research guides Principal 3 years Number of faculty members becoming research guides has increased


Goal 3: Provide infrastructural facilities for holistic development of the students

  • The institution believes in holistic development of the students to enable them to realise their potential and is committed to providing them with all the necessary infrastructure to satisfy their curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular needs.
  • Additional space for classrooms, labs are made available in the Decennial block
  • Physical facilities for co-curricular activities are promoted through the e -yanthra Robotics lab, Fablab, Mobile Fablab, Incubation Centre etc
  • The institution has set up a well fitted gymnasium and made available a well maintained playground for enhancing the physical fitness of students
  • Encourage extra curricular student activities through the formation of clubs and chapters like NSS unit, Womens cell, Maths club, Hobby Club
  • The institution has widened the approach road to the institution after acquiring land for the same.


S.No Strategy Action Plan Responsibility Timeline for implementation Action Taken as on December 2021
1 Provide additional space for classrooms, labs etc Construct additional building space (decennial block) Principal 2 years A new block called Decennial Block constructed
2 Provide facilities for co-curricular activities Set up Robotics lab, fab lab etc Principal 2 years Robotics Lab, Fab lab, Mobile Fablab, Incubation Centre set up
3 Improve sports and physical fitness facilities Set up a gymnasium, play ground


Principal 2 years A gymnasium with modern equipment is set up.

A well maintained play ground is made available to the students

4 Promote extra curricular activities Form NSS unit Principal 2 years NSS unit, Womens Cell, Maths Club, Hobby Club etc formed and functioning in the institution
5 Ease the movement of vehicles  on the approach road to the institution Widen the approach road Principal 5 years Approach road to the institution widened after acquiring land


Goal 4: Establishing paperless e-Office governance for efficient and responsive administration

  • With the aim of refining the governance of the institution, all the academic and administrative activities shall be incorporated into the management information system already in existence in the institution
  • The student academic details, fees payment, faculty leave details, salary acquittance, course file etc are incorporated into the system and work is on for incorporating more functions into the MIS


S.No Strategy Action Plan Responsibility Timeline for implementation Action taken as on December 2021
1 All academic and administrative activities  in the management information system Develop modules to bring facilities like application and sanction of staff leaves, fees payment, course files etc available online Principal 5 years Fees payment, Staff leave application and sanction, salary acquittance, course files, result analysis etc available online in the MIS.

Work on other modules progressing


Goal 5: Environmentally sustainable campus

  • The institution is committed to adopting environmentally sustainable measures in the campus.
  • Energy and green audits have been conducted
  • Solar plant has been set up
  • Water conservation measures like replenishing of ground water has been adopted



S.No Strategy Action Plan Responsibility Timeline for implementation Action taken as on December 2021
1 Environment related audits Energy audit, green audit Principal 1 year Energy audit and green audit done
2 Promote solar energy use Set up solar power plant Principal 2 years Solar power plant set up
3 Water conservation measures Water replenishment methods Principal 2 years Methods to replenish the ground water implemented