“Education through Experience for Integral Development” – A unique experience of “Moulding Professionals with Social Commitment”

FISAT vision and mission aims at moulding globally competent professionals and technocrats with social commitment. This is achieved by “Education through Experience for Integral Development”, an inclusion of activities and engagements involving students, faculty, community and environment. FISAT aims to ensure the integral development of all its students through an enriching learning experience which will help them to realise their true potential and excel in all walks of life.

The Methodology

  • Academic innovation to develop FISATians into socially-committed human-beings.
  • Programmes designed to mould value-based, socially-committed, competent, industry-ready citizens.
  • Prudently drafted activities/events to influence the student personality.
  • Transformation to industry-ready, globally – competent, socially sensitive and complete individuals.

Dimension 1: Conceptual Learning, where students are introduced to concepts and theoretical framework through curriculum teaching, projects, case methods, lectures, etc. and thus, into real-world.

Dimension 2: Education through Experience, where students experience practical life through innovative methodologies like international and national industrial visits, FABLAB, Technical workshops, Project Expos, Field visits etc.

Dimension 3: Professional & Industry Competence, where students are moulded into complete individuals by inculcation of key skills like communication, analytical skills etc. through various training programmes.

Dimension 4: Social Competence, where the social and environmental consciousness of the students are fostered through a wide range of awareness programmes and activities offered under the banner of various clubs and cells.

FISAT aims at moulding professionals and technocrats with social commitment. This is achieved by exposing the stakeholders to social problems and providing them platforms to explore technological and entrepreneurial solutions for these problems, thereby contributing to nation-building. The strategic plans of FISAT are continuously revisited to adapt to the changing environment to achieve its vision and mission.