Healthy Practices


The Department of Computer Applications always encourages the students and promotes them to follow good and healthy activities which will help them to compete and succeed in the fast changing computer world. The department started a common telegram channel “FM DIARY”, to provide a platform for the students to share their thoughts, ideas and knowledge and practice some healthy activities.


  1. Techwiser

Technical interview questions and answers. Students are preparing questions based on the latest technologies, languages etc.  Tricks and tips to crack these questions are also shared.


  1. Pocket Aptitude 

Aptitude practicing session . Students are preparing questions based on Quantitative ability, Logical ability, Verbal reasoning etc.  Tricks and tips to solve these questions and answers are also shared.

  1. Meet the HR

Different possible HR interview questions are discussed. The possible answers along with the expected body language are also shared.

  1. Know an app

To update with various recent apps, a short presentation explaining various applications is shared.

  1. TechFacts

Interesting and unknown technical facts are shared.

  1. News Headlines

Every morning, the news headlines consolidated from various dailies are being shared through the online platform.

  1. Vocabulary

Every day, new words with their meanings, usage and its pronunciation are being shared

  1. Thought for the day

Share some motivational quotes with their classmates and teachers through the online platform to start the day with fresh thoughts.