21 Years of Glory!

Dear FISATians,
Completed 21 glorious years of our journey.
Commencing the 22nd year today
September 23, 2023
I am elated to wish everyone a happy Institution Day today.
The year in which our institution attained the highest score and was awarded the NAAC A+ accreditation
The year with the highest number of admissions in the history of our institution.
Successful NBA re-accreditation
Students and faculty members have garnered increased recognition at both national and international levels.
The initiation of an international online journal
Further titles in the realm of sports and various other activities
We appreciate the efforts of the students, their parents, the staff, the patrons, the service associates, the members of the Federal Bank Officers Association Educational Society, and the management committee for helping the institution grow to greater heights.
Shimith P R
Chairman, FISAT

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