A Day to Remember

✨Manass Nannavatte✨

FISAT NSS UNIT 104 and 568 along with STALLIONS has conducted an event ‘ A Day To Remember And My Buddy’❤️.The event has been conducted on🗓️ 28th of October 2023 at Aeli Hills.The event is conducted every year as a full day event which involves children from various special schools along with their parents and teachers💐.

It has been observed as a day where the students can enjoy with the other students,dance with them,engaging themselves in various games and thus making the day a memorable one🤗.
The volunteers of NSS FISAT has taken a great initiative and effort to bring all these children together and give them a day worth remembering😍.There were lot of members who took initiative to spent their valuable time with these children which includes FISAT chairman Mr. Shimith P R,Treasures Jenib kachappally, George C Chacko, Abdul Nazar, Vice principal Dr. Mini P R, HoDs, fisat staff members and Stallion members.The teachers and parents of these children also mark there presence. Volunteers and all the members who organised the program has taken great efforts to make the event a great success and give them a day worth remembering 💯.



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