As a part of the subject MICROWAVES AND ANTENNAS (ECT 401) for the seventh-semester B.TechElectronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) students, a field visit was organized to the Advanced Center for Atmospheric Radar Research (ACARR), CUSAT. On October 26, 2023, 43 students from the S7ECA batch92020 admn.), accompanied by faculty members Neena K. A., Ambili A., and Sheela Roy, visited the radar center. The students could experience and learn from the facilities available in the ACARR which included the VHF Wind Profiling Radar, GPS Radiosonde, 32m automatic weather station, microwave radiometer,2d video disdrometer, ceilometer, Micro rain radar etc. The highlight of the visit was the Stratosphere- Toposphere (ST) radar facility and learning from the scientists working there. During the field visit to the ST radar station, they understood how the instruments are used to collect data on wind profiles, temperature, humidity, and precipitation, offering insights into remote sensing technology. Additionally, they’d grasp the importance of data integration from multiple sources for a holistic view of atmospheric conditions. This experience underscores the real-world applications of their ECE skills in fields like weather forecasting, climate research, and environmental monitoring, emphasizing the role of engineering in advancing scientific understanding and prediction of atmospheric phenomena.

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